SEO Competitor Analysis Tip

As an SEO, coming up with new ideas to help slingshot a client past a high ranking competitor in the search engines can be a daunting task. I have seen consultants get so wrapped up in finding the latest and greatest linkbaiting technique that they simply forget about the basics. Don’t get caught up in this head-smacking task and focus on your high ranking competitors and what got them to the top.

I will not go into detail on the technique about to be described, but the general idea has been very successful for me. I believe it will help you in your competitor analysis and seo strategy for all clients. When performing your regular competitor analysis, be sure to research the SEO companies or consultants that have worked with your competitors in the past. It’s not always easy to find out this information, but once you do it can be very beneficial. In particular, you may be able to find out common directories, social bookmarking sites, blogs, forums, or other high-valued web sites they are using to gain backlinks. Add these web sites to your arsenal for future projects and go seek them out.

Much of search engine optimization has to do with what your competitors are doing. If you do as much as the competitor in position #1 on Google, the worst ranking you achieve should be #2, right!? Anything above and beyond should leap-frog you into position #1. While there is much more to it than that, don’t forget about the importance of competitor analysis and use the SEO competitor analysis tip described here in your next project. Good Luck!

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